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About GPS Kitchen

GPS name comes from the short form of our lady boss’s name. GPS Kitchen was started in the year 2016 as a home base kitchen. It was challenging at the beginning of baking, as the lady boss did not have any prior experience at all. She attended a lot of baking courses to start her baking career. She trialed and error for a couple of months, taking in feedback from relatives and friends.    
Finally, she was able to bake some delicious swiss roll, birthday cakes, and cookies. Friends and relatives start to ask her to sell pastries.
Europe has Swiss roll,  Singapore has Singroll. Singroll is a Singapore Roll, Made right here in Singapore!


On 09/08/2020 with is Singapore National Day, she named it swiss roll to Singapore Rolls (Singrolls).    
In the same year, she moved her home base kitchen to commercial units kitchen and registered a company under the name GPS Kitchen Pte Ltd. She is very thankful for customers' continued support!

Image by MRC Témiscamingue
Image by Keo Oran

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