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Terms & Conditions is a site operated by GPS KITCHEN PTE. LTD. We are registered in Singapore under the Business Registration Number 202032586R and with our registered office at 9 YIO CHU KANG ROAD #01-25-26 SINGAPORE (545523). 


All notices given by you to us must be given to GPS KITCHEN PTE. LTD at 9 YIO CHU KANG ROAD #01-25-26 SINGAPORE (545523). We may give notice to you either via an e-mail, phone number or the postal address that you provided to us when placing an order.

These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of GPS Kitchen’s website and/or its products. By purchasing our products, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

GPS Kitchen reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time. The new terms will apply to any order placed subsequent to the new terms being posted on the websites.

While we will take utmost care to prevent and remove any allergic ingredients, we will not be liable for any food allergies.

2. Handling & Storage 
Keep all baked products away from sunlight and heat.
Cakes are sensitive to heat and humidity, display cakes in an air-conditioned room. Monitor cake condition when displaying cake for more than 2 hours
Keep cake in refrigeration when not in use
When removing cake from refrigeration, leave cake at room temperature for at least 30-45mins for the cake to soften before consumption for best enjoyment.
Cakes are best consumed by next day. Keep in refrigeration. Treat leftover cakes like any other leftovers.
Do not store cake in freezer. (Unless is Durian Cakes) If you are consuming the cake in a restaurant, kindly inform the restaurant and defrost cake in room temperature for longer duration.
When transporting, keep cake levelled and limit travel time to not more than an hour. Keep cake refrigerated for at least an hour if needed to be re-transported again.

Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD). We do not charge GST or service fee.

Orders are to be placed with at least 2 days in advance for standard, non-same day designs.
For other timings, please check with us whether we can fulfill them.
Payments are to be made in full, by Paynow. All payments made online are secured and encrypted by bank payments.  
For changes in order, please contact us with your order ID at least 5 days before event. 
For last minute changes, please text us to see how we can help. 
Promotional/Sale items are not allowed to be used in conjunction with other promotion/discount codes.
For add-ons, please make sure the add-ons are paid and reflected in our confirmation. Non-payment will result in non-fulfillment of the add-on.

Order cancellation will only be accepted 2 days prior to cake collection/delivery. 
Refunds made will be in the form of credits with 1 month validity.  
If cancellation is due to a Covid-19 triggered event, we seek your understanding that cancellations is also made in credits as well.

GPS Kitchen is committed to the quality and satisfaction of the customers. Customers are encourage to see our F/B, Instagram and website to see our quality of work.
Product photos on our websites are for illustration purpose and may contain customised add-ons such as name, age or design. Please read the product description for details. All products are hand-made and there will be variation in the colour, size, shape and design of our cake. Even when reproducing our own designs, it will not be identical. 
In replication of a cake to look like the photos, it will be subjectively based on our professional baker's interpretation of the colour, size, shape and design. We will use our design variation for similar elements.
For customisation of cakes, in event where instructions are not given or specified, we will use our own discretion to beautify the cake. Customer's instructions will take priority over our discretion and customers are advise to ask us otherwise. All customisations will follow to use our standard cake board, toppers and size, unless stated otherwise.
The summary given to confirm a customised order will encompass all the details needed and serve as a reference to follow. Please make sure all your requirements are stated in the summary as we will use it as the instruction. 
There will not be refunds for orders not "identical" to photos, as no hand-made products are ever identical. 
Cakes comes in many variations, our cakes are catered to achieve tiered decorations and taste. Due to hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns and refunds due to taste differing from expectation. Please check with us if you like to understand more about our cake profile.
When a certain styling element is not available, GPS Kitchen reserves the right to replace with a similar element without notice.
GPS Kitchen offers 4-6 sizes for our cakes, measured in inches & weight. All quoted sizes are diameter for round, diagonal for square, unless stated otherwise. Please follow the serving guidelines when ordering.

We love to hear from you. Please direct your feedbacks to Whatapps 97228487 

For self pick-up of product, please check carefully before leaving the premises. GPS Kitchen takes effort to ensure the proper packaging and delivery of the products.  No dispute shall be raised on damages after the product has left our premise. We will however do our best to assist when needed.
Please arrange the preferred date and time of pick-up with us beforehand. Do take note of our closing times (6.30pm for Tuesday to Sunday). Once after closing time and the order is not picked up, we will attempt to contact you. If you remain uncontactable for more than 20mins, we will close the store and collection can only be done for the next day. 
Late payment or incomplete payment may result in non-fulfillment/late fulfillment of orders. GPS Kitchen will not process these orders unless agreed otherwise.


Delivery Timing: 3pm-7pm (Please make sure somebody is at home)

Re-delivery will incur an extra charge of $20
If you want a specific time it will cost $20 per trip. (Available Islandwide)
We will deliver at the time shown above, if nobody is at home your cake will delivered back to the shop. If you request re-delivery, the customer will bear the re-delivery fee.

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